❖ Finning

Fining is done on a specially designed fin dies, which can handle plain Aluminium, Pre-coated / Hydrophylic coated Aluminium & copper fins. We have fin dies for 7mm OD, ⅜" OD, ½" OD and ⅝"OD tubes.

❖ Tube Cutting [Straight cut to length]

From LWC coils, We cut tubes to the required length and quantity.

❖ Hair Pin Bending

This machine eliminates the use of return bend on one side of all coils for 7 mm Od, 3/8” OD, ½” OD & 5/8” OD tubes.

❖ Sheet Metal – Casing Work

For all casing work i.e. End plates, side-plates, Intermediate support plates. We use CNC punching machine for large quantities. For small quantities, we use hydraulic cutting and bending machines.

❖ Tube Expansion

All coils are expanded using bullet expansion. After expansion tubes to fins contact checked for optimum heat transfer.

❖ Coil Bending

For bend coils, specialized bending fixture is used to achieve desired bending radius.

❖ Brazing

All coils are brazed manually to make sure brazing is fully completed and leak free at test pressure of 450 PSIG.

❖ Leak Testing

Leaking testing is conducted with Nitrogen. Freon coils test pressure is 450 PSIG and chilled water coils the test pressure is 150 PSIG. After leak testing, coils are purged with Nitrogen at 100 PSIG.

❖ Anti-Corrosive Coating

As per requirement of customers coils are coated for anti-corrosive coatings, like bly gold, Heresite.


Each manufactured coil undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure that coil meets the specified requirements.

❖ Packing

Every coil is packed with cartoon sheet and wrapped with plastic sheet for protection. If customer’s require wooden crate packing, we do provide such packing at extra cost.